Monday, February 11, 2013

Sports Museum of Finland

The sports museum of Finland is situated in the Olympic stadium in Töölö (Helsinki). It shows old sports equipment like the bone skates or swimming outfits from 1880 to the 1990. A special collection is dedicated to the Olympic Games of 1952 that were hold in Helsinki: pictures, medals, merchandizing, pieces of equipment and interesting board will tell you more about the event. Some famous sportsmen gave some pieces to the museum like the driving suit of Mika Häkkinen (formula 1) or the boots of Janne Ahonen (ski jumping). Paavo Nurmi (running) Finnish legend has his own window, telling more about his extraordinary career. The museum aquired in 1995 the medals collection of Matti Nykänen the greatest ski jumper of all times by a fund raising campaign. Upstairs, the collection tells more about the successes of the Finns at the Olympic Games in summer and in winter. You can also visit the sports library and archives of Finnish sport in the extension wing. The museum also has a shop where you can buy books, posters, postcards, badges and many other memorabilias.

Helsinki 2005 Athletism World Championships medals

Tip 1: this museum is open on Mondays and is a nice place to visit when the weather is not at its best.

Tip 2: buy a combo ticket and save 2€ for visiting the museum and admire the view at the top of the 111m stadium tower. Note that the tower is not accessible if there is an event.

Opening hours:
Mondays to Fridays
11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturdays to Sundays
12 - 4 p.m.

Entry Fees: 5€/3€,
Free entry for people under 18 years of age

Stadium tower: 5€

Updated on Fevruary 6th, 2014

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