Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to save 40 to 50% on the trip Helsinki-Lahti

Lahti is situated at 100km North from Helsinki and it's the closest "big" city from the capital. There is a big shopping center, the Luhta outlet, diverse museums, a beautiful lake shore, ice karting and a great sports center where you can watch ice hockey, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, atheltics and much more. Going by train will cost 23.12€ (14.44€ for students) with the Pendolino or Intercity2. These trains are long distance trains that take 48 minutes of travel. You will find these trains on the VR website ( and when you buy your tickets at a VR office or vending machine.

Please note: To get the student discount, you need a Finnish student card or the VR student card. International student cards are not accepted!

But there are some tips to save money.

My tips: The best option is to travel with the commuter train Z that leaves Helsinki every hour at 41 past, Pasila at 46 past and Tikkurila at 55 past and Lahti at 17 past. The trip lasts only 1 hour and 1 minute. A normal ticket costs 16.10€ (8.05€ for students). You can't buy your ticket online! Only at a VR office, vending machine or in the train.

Do you have a travel card for Helsinki region? You will save much more money! Go in the train Z (in Helsinki, Pasila or Tikkurila) and buy only your ticket when the conductor is checking the tickets (after Tikkurila or Kerava). Then you will pay your ticket only 11.90€ (5.95€ for students)! Make sure that you are seated in the part of the train where you can buy tickets (lippumyynti).

Why buying the ticket at Tikkurila? Because you don't want to pay twice your ticket Helsinki-Tikkurila (once to HSL with your travel card and once to VR).

Do you want to save a couple of more cents? Buy 10 tickets at Tikkurila station if you plan to go at least 5 times to Lahti within 2 months. It will cost 107.10€ (53.60€ for students). Another way to save money is to travel with a group.

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