Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Northern Lights Forecast

One of the main reasons why people decide to go to Finland is because they want to see the Northern Lights. This phenomenon is visible from September until April in Northern Finland. When the solar activity is very strong, you can see them until Helsinki, but last times it happened were in March 2005 and in 2013. Rovaniemi is the Southern city where you can see them almost every night. More you will be North and more chance you will have to see them.

What do you need to see them? 3 things:

  • have a clear sky 
  • avoid the light pollution
  • be patient and lucky

Usually they appear between 10pm and 3am. They can come for a few minutes or paint the sky for hours. The brightness of the spectrum depends on the intensity of the solar activity. Before going to Lapland (1-2 days before), you can check the intensity on these websites: Aurora Forecast and Aurora Service

I took this picture when the intensity was 1 in Rovaniemi in February 2012 around 2am. (F/6.3, 30s, ISO800, 24mm). Do you know how to photograph the Northern Lights?

My tip: wear very warm clothes while you are waiting for the Northern Lights, and be careful to don't get lost. You can also take a snack and warm tea.

Updated on July 3rd, 2014


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