Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ehrensvärd's trail: Nature and fortress

Ungern bastion

Ehrensvärd. This name might sounds familiar to you. He is indeed the creator of the fortress of Suomenlinna just outside Helsinki. Augustin Ehrensvärd was also the commander of the Swedish Archipelago Fleet from 1756 to 1766, and from 1770, until his death in 1772. In the small town of Loviisa (16.000 inhabitants) just 90km East from Finland's capital, you'll find the 2km long Ehrensvärd's trail going around the fortress of Rosen and Ungern. On the way, visitors will learn more about how the fortresses were built from stone hammering to the 18th century fortress, and about the local fauna and flora.

The 1750 fortress is partly distroyed

Ehrensvärd symbole

The path is well mark and starts at the Sports Pavillion (Urheilutie) and at the Ungern bastion.

The fortress is also the venue for concerts and different events.

The access to the fortress is free of charge.

Map of the Ehrensväd path

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