Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hietalahti's market hall

The old market hall at the Southern harbour is currently closed for renovation. But in the meantime, the market hall of Hietalahti has just reopened its doors after an long period of renovation. Previously used as an antique market, the hall serves again its original purpose. Fresh food including meat and fish, bakeries and other obejcts are presented to the visitors. During the visit, it is possible to have a delicious lunch or a cup of coffee with a freshly baked pastry.

The market hall is easily accessible from the center by traveling with the tram 6 or walking along Bulevardi.

Marinated salmon

In summer time there is a flea market on the parking lot. It is a good place to find cheap items and talk with locals.

My tip: do not hesitate to ask the fish sellsmen if you can have a taste of the marinated fish and try one of his tasty breads.

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