Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lumu, Scandinavian kitchens

Opened less than two years ago Lumu is a cosy Scandinavian restaurant located in the center of Lappeenranta. The meals offered are made with high quality raw materials inspired by the Nordic climate. The chef describes his restaurant concept as " To us, food is one of the biggest pleasures of life, that’s why we are not taking it too seriously!" At each season the menu changes presenting new flavors. Every week day there is a lunch for 15€. Prices are above the average but the quality is also much over the average.

Wild mushroom soup and dark bread
Reindeer sautee with mashed potatoes and cranberries

My tip: ask the waitress for recommendation

Website of the restaurant

Upadate July 2013: unfortunately the restaurant has changed. It is now the "Tang Capital", an Asian restaurant.


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  2. Thank you for your comment! I do my best to give information and tips. If you have any question or topic you want me to write about, just write a comment :)


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