Monday, February 4, 2013

Finnish Doughnuts

Finns like all what comes from America: cars, hamburgers, muffins, clothes, customized coffees, music, street architecture and so on. And naturally there is a chain called Arnolds, created in 1991, which sells doughnuts. More than 10 different kinds are available as well as muffins and bagels. These pastries are bombs of calories but are so good especially after a long day out in the snow and cold.

But at Arnolds, you can also order a Korvapuusti, a traditional Finnish pastry called Spinny. It is served with vanilla toping and warm. Delicous but don't count the calories! It costs 3.20€.

My tip: ask for an Arnold's bonus card. Buy 5 doughnuts and get one for free! You have 12 months to fill the card.

Arnolds' website

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