Monday, February 11, 2013

Allun Grilli, the Mika Häkkinen restaurant

In Myyrmäki in Vantaa, there is a restaurant totally dedicated to the local Finnish legend Mika Häkkinen, only Finn who won twice the Formula 1 World Championship title (1998 and 1999). The owner of the restaurant was the first person to sponsorize little Mika when he was in karting and since, he is collecting all kinds of objects about Mika that you can admire in the whole restaurant. The restaurant is named the "grill of Allu". But who is Allu? It was the wife of the owner. Allun Grilli is opened since 40 years, previously located in Varisto. Everyday there are three lunch menus for 8.80€ to 9.70€ with salad, bread and coffee included. The restaurant offers Finnish food in a cozy athmosphere. Here you will be sure to meet locals and you can have a chat with the waitress or any other customers about Mika or Kimi Räikkönen. They love to talk about the good old times when Finns were the best.

My tip: if you are very hungry, try the "Häkä special". It's the favorite meal of Mika Häkkinen when he visits the restaurant (if you are very lucky, maybe you'll meet him). It's a steak (beef) with creamy peper sauce, french fries and blue cheese cream.

Opening hours
Weekdays 7.30-17.00
Saturday 11.00-17.00
Closed on Sunday (only in Finnish) 

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