Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New landmark in Helsinki: the Finnair Sky Wheel

The Sky Wheel will offer a great view over the harbor

[Updated on June 3rd] It was planned for Vappu 2013, then for Vappu 2014, then postponed of two weeks and to a few additional weeks because of delays in the construction, finally the Sky Wheel in Helsinki will open on June 3rd at 7pm. For a very long time, everybody was wondering what will come to the platform of the former Nordic Jet Line in Katajanokka. The Wheel is perfect located next to the southern harbor and can't be missed by the tourists and cruise passengers.

On April 7th the structure was built

The 40m high wheel has been built in about a month by the Dutch company Dutch Wheel where 30 baskets will offer 15 minutes ride to a maximum number of 240 passengers. During the best days, up to 4000 would admire one of the most wanted views of Helsinki.

On April 16th, the first 5 baskets were installed

Why is the wheel only 40m when the London Eyes measures 135m? The reason is that the ground was not solid enough to carry the weight (200 tones) of a bigger wheel and it would have cost too much to fix it. The structure will resist to winds up to 42m/s.

Baskets came by truck 4 by 4

The baskets look like the ski cabins with two large doors. The windows are blue and remind the sea while the white of the structure reminds the snow. In fact, the colors are the colors of Finnair, the national airline. The wheel has been named the Finnair Sky Wheel. The baskets are accessible to disabled people. Have you noticed that one of the baskets is black? It is a VIP basket with a floor in glass for four people that will drink Veuve Clicquot champagne. The rental price is 195€.

The new landmark has cost 907.500€ to Finland's capital. The opening day will be June 3rd from 7 to 10pm, and the 15 minutes ride will cost 12€ for an adult and 3€ for children (3 to 11 years old).

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Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 10-22
Fri-Sat 10-23
Sun 10-20

The Wheel will operate during the whole year until 2018.

Tip: if you have a Finnair Plus member card, show it and get a free ride on June 8th between 9am and 4pm! Also during the whole summer pay only 9€.

Not a Finnair member yet? Join here!

Website of the Finnair Sky Wheel

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