Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New tram in Helsinki: energy efficent, silent and more light

Since the beginning of winter, a new tram built by Artic is travelling in the streets of Helsinki. In a recent article published in the Finnish newspaper HelsinkiTimes, the new tram accomplished over 6000km without any problem. Passengers told that they appreciate the new tram that has a low floor. It is easy to access and there are no stairs in the middle of the car like for the oldest models still running.

Finally this week I had the chance to do my first trip on board of this new tram. From the outside, I have to admit that I prefer the charm of the old trams. This one looks like a bulldog. It seems to be very large compared to the other trams. It is equipped with very large windows which bring a lot of light inside. What is the most impressive is the silence. It is almost impossible to know if the tram is moving or at a stop. It was rush hour and the tram was full at the beginning of the journey. And it was silent like in a sauna! Are people to shy to talk? The seats are higher than in all the other trams. It is well designed for elderly and other people with moving difficulties.

New trams will be regularly introduced and will replace the oldest trams. All together, 40 new trams will be added. The tram is more energy efficient because of its LED lightning that saves 40 to 60% of energy compared to old fluorescent lights.

Learn more about the new tram

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