Friday, April 18, 2014

A farm in the middle of Finland's capital

Just about 10km from the city center of Helsinki is located the farm of Fallkulla which has a free entry. Visitors can get familiar with all the domestic farm animals in the parks or in the barn: horses, pigs, rabbits, hens, goats, cattles, sheeps and ducks. In spring, many babies were born and are the main attraction for children. The little café is cosy and the prices are very reasonable.

Little chick is curious

10 days old lambs

Horse riding is possible all year round on Wednesdays

How to get there?
Take the train I or N to the station of Tapanila. Walk about 800m to the south-east. Follow the pannels "Fallkullan kotieläintila". If you are going by car, the address is Malminkaari 24 and there is a free parking lot.

Opening hours during Easter 2014
Fri-Mon 10-15 (Café closes at 2:30)

Opening hours
Wed-Fri 10-18
Sat closed
Sun 10-15
Café opens only on Sundays from 10:30 to 2pm

Website of the farm

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