Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lapland is calling

Reindeer sledging in Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi

Snow is by now covering the ground in Lapland and the lakes are getting frozen. Northern Lights can be seen since August already, and the reindeers are wearing their winter colors. There is no doubt: winter is here! Almost as big as South Korea, Lapland counts less than two inhabitants per square kilometers. You have more chance to see reindeers that humans. The region is fascinating. It is a preserved wilderness kingdom where local people, the Sami (Saami in Finnish), are still living with their traditions eventhough they use modern technologies and electricity. In Lapland, you will find many places where to practice sports like skiing, Alpine or cross-country, snowmobile, ice skating, ice fishing and so on. Reindeer or dog sledging are also experiences that are worth to be done at least once in a life time. But you can also enjoy the silence and the beauty of nature, listening to the wood cracking in the fireplace or to relax in a warm sauna. Northern Lights are undoubtably the most amazing observable natural phenomenon.

Now, it's time to plan your winter trip! VR is currently offering discount tickets on their sleeping cars in the night trains. Book your trip before November 25th and travel from November 28th to March 28th 2014. Prices start at 49€ per person or 59€ if you want a shower. As you can see on the price list under, if you have a Veturi account (customer loyalty program), you will save 10 extra Euros. All what you need to get an account is to have a permanent address in Finland. It is free of charge. Have a nice holiday!

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