Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It can be stormy in Finland

Storm over Suomenlinna

Last night, the terrible storm which devastated the UK was awaited in Finland. But luckily the wind speed decreased dramatically, and when it reached the Southern coasts, the speed was even not at the storm level. Nevertheless, some houses on the Southern and Westsouthern coasts were without power as the wind caused some power outages. The wind calmed down around midday but is blowing again in the evening. It should come to normal level during the night.

As Finland is a forest country, it is important for every people to check the forecast and avoid all unnecessary travel as trees might fall. Also, it is advised to don't stay too close from the sea side. A powerful wave can catch a person and drag it offshore. If you are planning to travel by plane or by boat, check with the travel company or agency if the conditions are acceptable for the trip. As an example, when the waves are higher that one meter, the fastest boats operating between Helsinki and Tallinn are not leaving the harbor.

You can check the weather forecast on Foreca or FMI

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