Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baltic Herring Fair

Until this Sunday, visitors can visit the Baltic Herring Fair (272nd edition of the oldest traditional event in Helsinki) along the Southern harbor in the capital city. Finnish people are the 3rd biggest fish consumers in Europe with 15kg per capita. One third of the fishes are domestic. The country counts about 800 professionals and about 1.500 people are engaged in fishing as a second occupation.

100 different marinaded herrings

Hundreds of wooden boats from Åland islands (Swedish speaking islands between Finland and Sweden. The islands are automonous but part of Finland), Turku archipelago, Hanko or Porvoo, Sipoo and Kotka on the East side are selling regional and home made products (fish, bread, juice, wool shirts and handicrafts). The star is of course the little fish from the Baltic sea: the herring. It is sold in round plastic boxes marinated in different flavors such as garlic, paprika, tomato, onion or mustard.

The famous black bread from the archipelago

While walking, be curious and try all what you can. One interesting product is the so called "svartbröd", a round and compact black bread made of malt from the Åland. It is delicious with butter and fish as its taste is a little bit sweet. The orange bottles on the pictures above are filled with buckthorn juice, one of the healthiest you can find!

Smoked salmon

Not only the herring is served. Smoked salmon, fried vendaces and salmon soup can be enjoyed under a tent (protected from the seagulls) or on a wooden boat.

As the stocks are not unlimited, go as soon as possible to buy your products. Especially if you want to buy the herring marinated with garlic.

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