Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Crazy Days are back at Stockmann!

Yellow is the color of the Crazy Days

It is probably one of the most awaited events of the year. In Spring and in Autumn, Stockmann the biggest department store of the Nordic countries is having its Crazy Days where many items are on sale. The whole story is decorated in yellow, and people are walking with yellow bags in the city center. For a foreigner, it can be very surprising. It almost looks like a virus spreading. And the temptation to enter the "temple" is huge. Inside, it looks like an anthill. People become crazy, buying like if there will be a war, taking the items from the hands of other customers. In the food department, daily offers on rare meats such has reindeer, moose or horse are a temptation for all gourmets. But also the great assortment of organic vegetables, freshly baked breads, exclusive coffees and teas or simply great deals of 5 packages of chocolate or sweets for a couple of Euros. Everything is on sale, from underwear to washing machines, from cars to shoes.

Finnair flights for the Autumn 2013

Every day, new offers are on sale until it is sold out. And depending on the items, you better go early! It is the case especially for the Finnair flights. People are already queuing at 7 in the morning in the hope of getting a queue number at 8am. Don't even think of cutting the line! If you are late, it's your fault.

The Crazy Day start on Wedneday October 9th to Sunday October 13th in all the shops in Finland. Will you get the yellow fever?

Daily offers during the Crazy Days (online catalogue)

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