Monday, October 21, 2013

Jenni Vartiainen, the princess of pop music

Jenni Vartiainen at Radio Aalto concerts in Helsinki 2011

Janni Vartiainen is a 31 years old singer from Kuopio who is one of the most successful singers in the country. She has sold over 260.000 records and is part of the 70 best-selling recording artists in Finland. Before becoming a singer, young Jenni was a figure skater. She became famous in 2002 when she won Popstar, a talent show with three other singers. Together, they were performing under the name "Gimmel". The band was successful but broke up in 2004. Three years later, Jenni released her first album solo "Ihmisten edessä" which was a success. The second album was even more successful and was the best Finnish album 2010. After a scene break of two years, Jenni finally released her third album "Terra" at the beginning of October 2013, two months after the single "Junat ja naiset". Jenni's music is a combinaison of ballads and pop with a little bit of nostalgy. Her concerts are so appreciated that it is challenging to get a ticket. The tour 2013/2014 is still not announced. Stay tuned and maybe you'll have a chance to see her live. She is amazing and know how to interact with the audience.

Her best-known hit:

New single:

Website (only in Finnish)

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