Thursday, August 22, 2013

Travel from 2€ with ExpressBus or 3€ with Onnibus

It is not a secret that traveling in Finland is expensive, especially if you cannot have a discount. On this blog, there are already a couple of tips on how to save money, and here is another one. Busses are in general more expensive than trains. But some companies are offering discount tickets if you order your ticket online and in advance. For example, ExpressBus has tickets starting at the very low fare of 2€. ExpressBus has a fleet of long-distance busses which are comfortable with air conditioning and compartment of suitcases. Drivers are friendly, speak English and are always on time. If they are not, it is because of the traffic or weather conditions but you will always arrive safe to your destination.

On the example above, I am looking for the best offer for a ticket from Helsinki bus station Kamppi to Lahti bus station on Saturday September 7th (2 weeks and 2 days in advance) because I want to attent the Finnish ski jumping championship team event. The one way ticket costs 24€ which is far too much in my point of view. But ExpressBuss has some discount on this trip at 19 and 9€. 9€ is cheaper than the student price!

Onnibus is also selling cheap tickets online, starting from 3€. The offer is limited compared to ExpressBus but it goes to different destinations such as student area (like Hervanta in Tampere) or airports where for example Ryanair planes land. Before ordering a ticket, make such that you know where to catch the bus and where it will stop at your destination as it is not necessarly in the city center.

Have a nice trip!

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