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How to go from the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport to the city center?

Ring Rail Line will connect the airport to the existing railway tracks in 2015

Helsinki is probably one of the only capital cities in the world where the international airport is not connected by the train. But this "mistake" will be corrected in July 2015 with the Ring Rail Line. Until then, this article presents some of the possible options for travellers to join the city center.

The first possibility is to take a taxi. Of course, it is the most expensive option but the fastest. Also depending on where you are going, it is the easiest. When your plane is early in the morning or late in the evening, it might remain the only option. There are different kind of taxi waiting for you at the airport. The first one are the regular taxis that drive you where ever for a certain price. You can count between 30 and 40€ for a ride to Helsinki and 40-50€ to Espoo.

Website of Taxi Helsinki

The second option is to take a shared taxi. Basically, you will tavel with people going to the same direction as you. These taxis are cheaper (29.50€ with Yellow Line) and not much slower. If you are going to the airport, call at least 24h hours before your departure. The taxi guarantees an arrival at the airport that the round clock. If the people traveling with you are talkative, maybe you will make new friends. If you have a Finnair bonus card, show it to the driver. You will get a discount!

Website of Yellow Line

The other option is to take a bus. In front of the exit of the terminal, there is the Finnair bus waiting for you. It will drive straight to the city center for 6.20€. The bus leaves/arrives at Eliel square next to the central railway station.

Timetable of the Finnair city bus

Bus 615 at the railway station square

Finally, the last option is the cheapest and the slowest. Just take the city bus to the city center. Unfortunately, none is named "center", "Helsinki" or "railway station". You have to know these complicated words "Rautatientori" (railway station square) or "lentoasema" if you are going to the airport. The bus 615 will drive you in about 45 minutes to the center for a fare of 5€ (region - 2 zones). If you want to catch a long-distance train to Lahti, Tampere or Rovaniemi, take the bus 61 to Tikkurila (ticket costs 3€ - one zone). Going to Espoo is tricky. One option is to take the bus 615 and then the commuter train (A, E, S, U, L or Y). But it takes over an hour. The trick is to take the long-distance bus that goes to Turku (bus 540 or 530). It stops in Leppävaara and Espoon Keskus. If you have a travel card, it costs as a normal region ticket. Otherwise your ride will cost 5.50€.

Timetable of the bus 615
Timetable of the bus 61
Timetable of the bus 540

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