Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Enjoying a gourmet cup of tea in a perfect atmosphere

Finnish people are known as coffee drinkers (12kg per inhabitant, worldwide record) and many coffee shops are opened a bit everywhere in the country. But for the tea drinkers, the offer is still limited. Since four years, a tiny little tea shop has opened in Helsinki, close to Kamppi, and its popularity is growing. The Ounce is a Russian franchise counting over 140 shops in Russia but only one in Finland. Over 40 different gourmet kinds of teas are available. The flavored teas are made in Germany, especially for The Ounce. You can bring some home or try any of them and drink it quietly in the tea room.

The tea room is very small. There are only two tables and a sofa for approximately eight to ten customers. At rush hour, your stay is limited to 1.5 hour. Your tea will be prepared by the qualified personal in the correct manner: water temperature, amount of tea and time of infusion. It is served in a transparent teapot and you can enjoy 2.5 cups, with honey or sugar if you wish. No pastries are sold but you can buy a cookie. Some relaxing music creates a perfect atmosphere to enjoy a cup of tea.

I tried the black tea with apple and orange flavors called yalayö (3€ in the teapot). It was strong and fruity. As it was my first time, and had no clue which tea to choose, the sales lady helped by asking first which kind of tea I wanted (black, green, white, rooibos,...), pure or flavored, and then which kind of flavor. I smelled a couple of teas she presented before to decide. On the Internet, some people are recommending the following teas:
  • Alice in Wonder
  • Sunny Cuba (black tea)
  • Viva Columbia (green tea)
  • Blueberry rooibos
  • Sumuinen Saari (black tea with chocolate, cocoa, strawberry and vanilla flavors)
  • Jasmine needles
When is the best moment to enjoy a cup of tea? "There is no tea time," the owner of the place said. "It's always tea time."

It is a pricy place but it is worth. The service is excellent and the products are quality products.



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