Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nespresso, what else?

Until August 31st, Nespresso is having a demo stand in Stockmann where you can taste any kinds of coffee. The friendly waitress will ask you which kind of coffee you want (espresso, coffee or capuccino) and how strong. The coffee is free of charge.

Where is the stand? It is easy to get lost in Stockmann and the stand is not easy to locate if you are not close. The easiest way is to enter the department store by the main door (Aleksanterinkau). Walk straight through the perfume area to the golden lifts. The stand is on the right next to the stairs which go to the upper half floor (magazines).

My tip: try the capuccino mid-strong with the silvered pink Rosabaya de Colombia capsule. It's heaven!

Nespresso website

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