Friday, August 16, 2013

Art goes back to Helsinki for 2 weeks long!

Starting today and until September 1st, the "Helsinki festival" is the largest art festival in Finland and includes numerous events from concerts to theater plays, exhibitions to art workshops accessible to everybody. Most of the events are for free but if you plan to attend a charged performance, buy your ticket as soon as possible. Some of them are sold out really quickly. The offer is so large that it is better to make your own program and take it with you while going to town. Don't forget to look on a map where to find the place.

The festival "Art goes Kapakka" is part of the Helsinki festival from August 15th to August 24th and includes 333 events in 33 restaurants. Tomorrow, the designers "Veli Clothing" are offering a unique worshop where people can design their own t-shirt using their own design and patterns. If you like your design, you can order a print. On Sunday at 8pm, four opera singers and a pianist are performing in the famous Elite restaurant, the restaurant of the celebrities.

The highlight will be probably the night of arts on Thursday 22nd of August. Don't miss the Movie Picnic. Bring your own food on Kansalaistori, the square between the Music house, railway station and Kiasma museum. From tomorrow to Tuesday at 9:45pm, a movie will be shown for free.

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