Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Indica is shining!

Shine - the second album for the international market

On Friday January 24th, the 5-girls Finnish pop-rock band Indica is releasing its 7th album in two languages: the Finnish version "Akvaario" and the international version "Shine". The band was created in 2001 in Espoo, but their first album "Ikuinen virta" was only available in 2004. Nevertheless, its stayed 30 weeks in the Finnish charts and the girls got a platinium disc. The band went two times on tour with Nightwish as a support act. In 2010, their first ablum sang in English was released.

Support act before the Nightwish concert in Basel (Switzerland) in 2009

The five fairies from the Finnish forests bring romantic and dramatic songs. A mixture between modern and classic with a touch of metal. The band is recognizable with its fashion style: neoclassic. It is also inspired by the Finnish mythology, the Kalevala.

The band will announce very soon the dates of their new tour "Shine".

A definite maybe - new single from the Shine album:

Älä kanna pelkoa - new single from the Akvaario album:

Precious dark - from "A way away", the first English album:

Vuorien taa - from the second album "Tuuliset tienoot":

Jonsu signing "Erämaan Viimeinen", originally "Last of the Wilds" from Nightwish:

Website of Indica (English-Finnish-German)
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