Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Too cold? It' time to watch a movie!

Finland, cinema, movie, film, finnkino
Choose your seat

Temperature are far below zero since a couple of days. Everything is frozen, and going out (even for a cigarette break) looks like a polar expedition. It's the perfect time for enjoying a movie at the cinema. In Finland, all movies are shown in original version with Finnish and Swedish subtitles. Only movies for children are dubbed. Finnish movies have unfortunately no English subtitles. In 2012, Finns went about 1.6 times to the cinema. Almost all the theaters have now the 3D equipment.

In some countries, after getting the ticket at the cashier, people are running to the room to get the best seats. In Finland, buying a ticket is very easy and convenient. It can be purchased on the Internet or at the cashier. Seats are chosen, and the number of the row and the seat are printed on the ticket like for the airplane's boarding pass. With this system, there is no rush. No one will seat at someone's else place.

Finland, cinema, movie, film, finnkino, candy
A large choice of candy

Who do Finns take with them in the dark room? Popcorn is very popular as almost everywhere in the world. But what they like most is to fill a paper bag with candies. A lot of candies. Some of the bags weight one kilogram!

Finland, cinema, movie, film, finnkino
Superday advertisment in Lahti

My tip: Finnkino, the largest chain, is having a "superday" almost every month where all 2D-movies cost 6.50€ and all 3D-movies 7.50€. Popcorn (3 liters) costs only 3€. 

January 22nd, 2014 is the next superday.

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