Sunday, January 5, 2014

For a smooth departure

The international Helsinki-Vantaa airport is the busiest in Finland. Built in 1952 for the Olympic Games, it has constantly grown to reach in 2011 a number of over 14 million passengers. The airport is the most important gateway for travelers willing to visit Finland. Since a couple of years, the airport became an important hub for all passengers travelling between Europe and Asia. Effectively, Finnair offers direct flights to 14 destinations in Asia. Its slogan is "the shortest route between Europe and Asia". Therefore, it was important for the airport to develop services to help the long distance travelers to relax before or after their trip.

While visiting the airport, I have noticed two new services that are really helpful. The first one was in the café in front of the souvenir shops (sorry I don't remember its name). On the tables, passengers have the opportunity to recharge their mobile phones using an interesting interface wire-free. If you have a Nokia Lumia, just put it over the picture and the phone will automatically be recharged. If you have any other mobile phone brand (Samsung, iPhone, HTC,...), you can buy or borrow a little key that you connect to your phone, and recharge it while you are enjoying a cup of coffee and a sweet bun.

Recharge your smartphone wire-free

The second new service is simply amazing. How often do you need to wait for hours for your connecting flight and don't know what to do? Or where to relax? In Helsinki, just walk to the crossing between the gate 31 and the passport-security check for the flights outside the Schengen area at the terminal 2. A newly open relaxing area offers different options to the travelers: silent chairs if you wish to work on your laptop or pad, sleeping tubes, beds, fatboys in a very Finnish atmosphere. The highlights of Finnish nature such as an ice wall and Northern Lights will definitively help you to relax. I have particularly liked the sleeping tube (the kind of egg in the middle of the picture). Basically, you lay down on a chair with 3 different adjustable parts and you can close the curtain. But always keep an eye on the clock and don't miss your flight! the room is free of chrage and open 24/7.

The new relaxing room

Helsinki airport has been voted 5th best airport for its comfort, conveniences, cleanliness and customer service by travelers.

Have a pleasant flight!

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