Saturday, January 11, 2014

Everything is on sale!

Almost everything is on sale at Halonen

The word of the week is "ale", sales in Finnish. After the Christmas season, shops have a huge stocks to get rid of before receiving the spring collections. In order to seduce the customers, the discounts are massive: up to 70% in most of the shops! Some design shops like Marimekko have smaller discounts (up to 40%), but it is much higher than the previous years.

Take 3, pay 2 sportswears at KappAhl

It is time to do your Christmas shopping for December 2014 or simply to buy something that you need or dream of. It is also a good opportunity to buy winter equipment which is quite pricy. If you are going to Lapland and do not know what to buy, visit a sports or outdoor shop. The salesmen are very professional and will present the best products for you. If you are an amateur of parlinéschocolate, you will see many packages at -50%. But be quick. You are not the only one to fond for food ;)

Girls shopping quietly at Seppälä

Finnish people are not behaving irrationally like in some other countries when there are sales. They just take their time. They stay calm in every situation. Of course, on Saturday afternoon there are much more people, especially in the large shopping centers. People are queuing at the cashier and at the changing rooms. Don't even try to cut the line! It is very rude to behave that way!

Have a peaceful and thriving shopping moment!

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