Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vappu's ceremony

At 6pm sharp, Havis Amanda statue in Helsinki will be wearing its white cap by university students and all Finns will do the same as the official start of Vappu's celebration. Finns receive that cap called ylioppilaslakki when they graduate from high school. People celebrate Vappu as carnival, wearing all kinds of funny costumes. Students wear their overalls, representing their universities covered of badges gained at parties. There is no age to participate to Vappu. Elderly come with their brownish caps to join the youngsters and families. Another tradition is to buy a balloon. Thousands of people are celebrating in the city center which is car traffic free. Some people will probably drink all night and maybe already go to Kaivopuisto where on May 1st 100.000 people are waited for a giant and friendly picnic. Vappu is celebrated in all Finland, not only in Helsinki.

My tip: phone network will be busy and calling will be impossible. If you are going with a group try to find a way to stay together or have a meeting point in case someone get lost. Don't leave the children unattended.

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