Sunday, April 14, 2013

Café Regatta

Open all year round, café Regatta is one of the most famous cafés in Helsinki. Situated next to the Sibelius park, it offers a perfect view on the sea, frozen or not. The building is small but about 10 people can fit in. Some fleece blankets are at your disposal if you feel cold on the terrace. The speciality is of course coffee and "pulla" but you can as well enjoy salty delicacies. You also have the possibility to purchase for 1.80€ a saussage that you can grill outside. All equipment is at your disposal including ketchup and mustard.

Coffee and korvapuusti

Grilling saussages

My tip: In summer time, many birds are begging for food. Don't leave your pastries unattended! Some are fearless, jump on the table and bite in the bread.

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