Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ice hockey world championship 2013

Since a week in Helsinki and in Stockholm, the best nations in the world are competing for the world champion title in ice hockey. So far, Finland is doing well in the tournament, enjoying all the Finns and the fans of the Leijonat. This year, the tickets to assist to the games are more affordable. Some games are sold at only 12.50€. But if you wish to see Finland playing, you'll have to spend much more money.

The whole country supports its team

Merchandizing sold at the arena

Next to the arena, there is a big tent where you can watch the games in the middle of thousands of fans. If Finland is playing, come early! Some fans are already there three hours before the game starts. Most of the bars are showing the games and it's great places to meet new people.

Tickets for the games played in Helsinki

You still have a couple of days to enjoy the tournament as the semi-final and the final will be played in Sweden.

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