Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crazy days at Stockmann

Twice a year in Spring and in Automn Stockmann has its Crazy Days with plenty of special offers on about everything including boats and cars. Stockmann is the biggest department store in Finland and the massive sales on brand products are highly appreciated. The food department offers a large variety of high quality products. Every day, different items are in sales. Meat and fish products are the most chased items. It is also a good opportunity to look for low prices on typical Finnish items such as Moomin cups or Iittala glasses. In the street, almost everybody is walking with a yellow bag.

Autumn 2014: 8-12.10.2014

Everybody in the street has a yellow bag

4 days of crazy shopping

Big discounts on women clothing

Even if the shop is crowded, Finns are quiet people and respect each other. They won't scream or push you or take the item you have in your hands if you take the last one. Make sure that you don't overtake the line at the cashier.

People queuing at 7:30am for the plane tickets
Many people are chasing the cheap plane tickets from Helsinki to many destinations in Europe, Amerika and Asia. Every morning before 8 o'clock, people are queuing to get a number and later in the book shop proceed to the booking.

Official website

How to survive the Crazy Days?

Tip 1: Get a copy of the brochure with the offers and make your selection quietly at home. If you don't have time to get it before the Crazy Days start, you can also check the offers online. Note that some products are only available on certain days.

Tip 2: If you wish to purchase a plane ticket, go there minimun 30 minutes in advance. Check the weather the night before and take an umbrella and a rain coat if needed.

Tip 3: Avoid going there at rush hour. Best times are before 12pm and after 6pm.

Tip 4: Don't go there with kids.

Tip 5: Stay calm and don't forget to smile at the cashier.

Happy shopping!

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