Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sea, sun and beaches in Helsinki

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Beach of Hietalahti

In Helsinki, the sea is never far from the neighborhoods. The capital of Finland counts 26 beaches, 13 are under the watch of rescuers. The largest beach is located in Hiehtaniemi, just a few minutes of walk from the busy bus station of Kamppi. Urban young people love to come here for enjoying the sun with a good book, listening to their favorite music, swimming or playing volleyball with friends. Another reason of its popularity is the fact that the beach is covered of sand and not stones like on most of the other beaches.

Far from the center and almost on the extreme East side of the city is located the beach of Auringonlahti (the sun bay) near Vuosaari. Locals like to relax for a few hours and have an ice cream. In Mustikkamaa (the country of blueberries), the little beach is highly appreciated by families which have the view on the zoo island of Korkeasaari. the favorite activity is of course to pickup berries in the nearby bushes. In Munkkiniemi, the café is as known as the beach. If the water is too cold, you have the possibility to lift some weights.

Sunbathing on an island is a great experience. It just take from a few minutes to half an hour to reach most of the island open to the public. The island of Pihlajasaari (15 minutes of ferry from the south of Kaivopuisto) is one of the favorite spots for people who want to escape the stress of the city and avoid tourists. The island is pretty big, with a long sand beach, BBQ places, a restaurant, a harbor and a camping.

Good news: all the beaches are free of charge!

Rainy June seems to be a bad memory. July looks sunnier and warmer. Take your towel, a snack, a bottle of water and enjoy your day!

Beaches in Helsinki (with a list of events and services for each beach)

Don't forget to check the beaches in Espoo and Vantaa that are easy to reach with the public transportation. Sometimes, the water is warmer in lakes than in the sea.

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