Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A paradise for cake lovers

In Finland, cakes are amazingly good but quite pricy. In Helsinki, a slice can be up to 8€! But no worries. This article will tell you about a place you absolutely need to visit!

Berry pie with vanilla sauce

Located a few meters from the bus station of Porvoo (50km East from Helsinki) in a 19th century white stone building, the discreet café Cabriole is a paradise for cake lovers. It is very difficult to make a choice in front of more than 10 different kinds of colorful home-made cakes: passion fruit, berry, fudge, lime, white chocolate and raspberries, Sacher and many more.
All slices costs 4.50€ (much less than in Helsinki!) and are served with sauce (vanilla or strawberry). If you wish to have a cup of coffee or tea, you can fill your cup as often as you want at the self-service desk. The tea assortment is changed very often.

It is very hard to pick one

Good news for all people who have lactose intolerance: all cakes are lactose free!

The café also serves ice creams, warm quiches and salads as well as a home-made lunch during the weekdays.

Do not forget to sign the guestbook before leaving.

After a good piece of cake, what a better way to continue the day than by walking through the beautiful old town just a few meters away?

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 08:30-18:00
Saturday: 08:30-17:00
Sunday: closed

Website of the café Cabriole

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