Friday, May 9, 2014

Three cute lions cubs are born in Korkeasaari

Spring is the season where many animals give birth. Last month on AmazingFinland, there was an article about the farm of Fallkulla where baby goats, chicken, rabbits and sheeps could be admired. On the other hand seeing baby wild animals is not easy. At the zoo of Helsinki, each birth is an event. This year on March 27th, three lions cubs were born. The adorable cats will be out next month for the joy of the visitors. In the video under, the three lions are watched by the staff of Korkeasaari.

Here are a few pictures of babies born these last years:

Very rare Mogolian Przewalski's horse born in November 2011

Baby reindeer born in 2012

Baby sea gulls, familiar bird but very rare to see the chicks

Mom bernacle is broding

Website of Korkeasaari

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