Sunday, March 23, 2014

What to do while transiting at Helsinki airport

It can be quite long and boring to transit at an airport. Often passengers just hang around, visit the shops (Moomins, Stockmann and Marimekko, of course, plus Angry Birds if you travel outside the Schengen area) and restaurants while waiting. Very few dare to go outside. Helsinki airport has been voted 5th best airport for its comfort, conveniences, cleanliness and customer service by travelers. Here is a little guide to make your wait more interesting and relaxing.

  • Enjoying the free Wi-Fi
    Welcome to Finland! Internet has to be, by law, accessible to everybody. The airport offers a good and quite fast Wi-Fi connection. You can also recharge your phone using the wire free device (read more). If you don't have a smartphone, there are a few Internet kiosks in the corridors. But unfortunately they are not free of charge. It costs 20cts per minutes (min 2€ while paying cash and min 4€ while paying with a credit card).

  • Almost @home lounge
    This lounge is located at the gate 32 (outside Schengen area). Bascially, it is a living room where you can relax or work and also buy everything in the room (furniture, artworks on display and souvenirs).

  • Plane spotting
    When the weather is good, you can just go outside of the airport and spot some planes or take photographs. You can go to the Finavia's outdoor terrace at 100m from terminal 2 which is open from March 1st according to weather conditions.Open daily from 7am to 10pm. Address: Lentäjäntie 1 C, 6th floor.

    Other good spots listed by the Finnish Aviation Photography Association

  • Book swap (gate 27)
    Passengers can freely take a book and donate the already read books. A few sofas are installed in the little room.

  • Airport art work
    There is artwork a little bit everywhere in the airport. In and out the transit areas. All exhibitions are free of charge.

  • Take a nap
    If you just want to relax and maybe take a nap, go to the relaxing room at gate 31. Read more

  • Spa, movie and shopping
    Just outside the airport, there is a huge shopping center Jumbo with 120 shops and 15 cafés and restaurants. Next door, there is a cinema (Finnkino) and a spa hotel named Flamingo where you can relax while waiting for your connecting flight.

    Website of Jumbo
    Flamingo website
    Finnkino Flamingo

  • Airport tour
    It is possible to attend a guided tour of the airport. Make a reservation before arriving at the airport. 

  • Aviation museum
    Just a little bit outside the airport is the aviation museum. The museum collection includes ca. 80 civil and military aircrafts and a multitude of other aviation-related exhibits, e.g. engines, propellers, measuring device, radio equipment, scale models and airport ground equipment.

    Website of the museum
  • Take a walk in the city center
    If you have a lot of time (more than 3 hours), take a bus to the city center and enjoy a walk along the seaside and spot at local delicacies and handicrafts at the harbor.

    How to go from the airport to the city center

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