Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shopping tips of the week

This week I've spotted 2 places where you can take advantage of important price reductions.

1. Expressions Accessories

Expressions, accessories, jewelry, women, finland, helsinki

Expressions is a small shop located in Forum in Helsinki which sells all kinds of jewelery and accessories for women. The quality is average like for Glitter. This week if you buy at least 4 items, you get 50% on the total price. This works as well on the items which are already on sale. You can have a discount of up to 80%.

Expressions website

2. UFF

UFF, second hand, Finland, shop

UFF is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organisation founded in 1987 which has second hand shops in the whole country. This week they are selling all the clothes, shoes, bags, belts and fabrics for a daily unique price: Thursday-Friday 2€ and Saturday 1€. It's a great place to do your shopping. You can find treasures! If you have a theme party, they have plenty of cocktail dresses, suits, traditional costums (especially from Tirol) and wedding dresses. Expect the unexpected!

Where to find the shops

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