Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sonata Arctica's new album is back to the roots

Sonata Arctica, metal, Finland, Paria's Child, music
Concert in Tavastia (Helsinki 25.09.2012)

The metal band from Kemi will release on Friday March 28th (April 1st in North America) its 8th album named Pariah's Child which includes 10 songs. According to the keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg, the album is hearkening towards Sonata Arctica's earlier days. The wolf-theme is back as a metaphor for the fear. The track 6 What did you do in the war, dad? is the saddest song ever written by Tony Kakko, the singer.

Formed in 1996 under the name Tricky Beans, the band became Sonata Arctica four years later. In 2000, the band became known as its was the support act for Stratovarius on their European tour. Now they are one of the most famous Finnish bands abroad. They play melodic hard rock. Most of their songs are very fast and the lyrics are very rich.

Sonata Arctica, metal, Finland, Paria's Child, music
Concert in Tavastia (Helsinki 25.09.2012)

This is only my opinion I am telling you now: I like to listen to this band sometimes. My favorite moment is in the morning in my iPod when I walk as fast as the rhythm of the songs to catch my bus. But where I really love Sonata Arctica is on stage. The band is absolutely amazing! Their shows are awesome. All the band members have an excellent feeling with the audience. You forget everything and you feel like being on the stage. If you can, go to see them at least once. The tickets, at least in Finland, are still affordable for a famous band (around 30€). Link to the tour dates

The first track of the album "Pariah's child" and first single released: "The wolves die young"

The forth track of the album "Pariah's child" and second single released

"Full Moon" from the album "Paid in full" is the biggest hit of Sonata Arctica

"I have a right" from the album "Stones grow her name" is one of my favourite songs

Website of Sonata Arctica

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