Saturday, July 13, 2013

Living with the midnight sun

Midnight sun in Rovaniemi (25.06.2013 at 23:13)

In summer in Finland the sun sets very late in the South and never in the North. For example, in Rovaniemi, there is no night for 32 days. At the extrem North of Finland, the sun doesn't set for 60 days! When not used to it, it can be quite disturbing, especially while trying to fall asleep. One option is to use a sleep mask if the curtains are not efficient enough.

Living with the midnight sun has many advantages. The first one is of course that we can do more things during the "day" than usually. The best is probably to end the day by having a barbecue in Nature with friends or family. Another activity that Finns love is fishing. But being in Nature also means suffering from mosquitoes. They are particulary numerous and annoying near the water areas, in the forests and in the countryside. At the pharmacy you can purchase a bug repellent. If you are visiting Lapland, there are other sprays more efficient than for the rest of Finland. Even if Finland is a Northern country, do not forget to put sun lotion. You can get bad sun burn, especially on boats!

The other problem is knowing when is it the night and when is it the day. Everybody has his own technique: some people keep looking at their watch or mobile phone clock, some are looking at the birds or some are just waiting to be tired. But Santa Claus knows the best tip: "Try to open the door of the nightclub. If it's open, it means that it is very late." Santa assures that he is not visiting this kind of places but is only reporting what his elves told him.

Enjoy the midnight sun!

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