Thursday, July 18, 2013

21st century technology in the Finnish trains

Travelling in Finland by train might take a few hours as the average time is of 2 hours between the big cities, and the country is huge (the longest trip is 1000km long from Helsinki to Kemijärvi). What to do during that time? Some people are looking at the landscape, some are having a coffee in the restaurant car, some are reading a book or listening to music, some are sleeping and others might watch a movie on their computer. The problem of the IT gadgets is that the battery won't last for more than 2 hours in most of the cases. Luckily, VR has equiped all its long-distance trains with electric plugs to all seats. It is very convenient as you do not need to pay for the first class or rush to get the only available seats with a plug as it is the case in many countries.

Nowadays, most of the people have a smartphone or travel with a laptop. These devices seem quite useless without an Internet connection. Here again, VR is providing a free wi-fi service. The coverage is pretty good eventhough the reception is sometimes slow when the train is in the middle of nowhere, or if too many passengers are using the service. Nevertheless, the service is improving regularly.

Have a nice trip, and share your emotions and pictures live with your friends!

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