Friday, March 8, 2013

Lahti Ski Games

Article updated on February 26th, 2014: Every year at the beginning of March, Lahti is hosting the Lahti Ski Games, a World Cup event with the best ski jumpers, Nordic Combiners and cross-country skiiers on a 3 days long weekend. About 50.000 people visited the stadium last winter. Will you be one of them in this edition? The Olympic champion of cross-country skiing Iivo Niskanen will be there! Other Olympic champions are participating such as the Swiss Dario Cologna, double Olympic champion. In ski jumping, the double Olympic champion from Poland is coming as well as the whole German team.

There will be also games for the whole family, concerts, food, Games products and accessories on the square next to the Exhibition center (few meters away from the skiing stadium). Concerts fees are included in the entrance ticket. Don't loose your ticket if you are coming back in the evening!

Nordic Combined podium 2012

FRIDAY 28.2.2014

11.00 Ski jumping, 2 training rounds, HS130
14.00 Nordic Combined, ski jumping, trial round, HS 130
15.00 Nordic Combined, ski jumping HS 130
16.30 Ski jumping, Qualification HS 130
17.00 Nordic Combined, cross-country, 10 km (4 x 2,5 km)
18.00 Ski jumping, individual competition, HS 130 (two rounds - replace the cancelled competition in Kuusamo in December)

The K116, K90 and K60 ski jumps at night

SATURDAY 01.3.2014

11.00 Nordic Combined, ski jumping, trial round, HS 130
11.30 Cross-Country, sprint (F), qualification, ladies and men
12.00 Nordic Combined, team sprint, ski jumping HS 130
14.00 Cross-Country, sprint (F), finals, ladies and men
16.15 Nordic Combined, team sprint, cross-country (2 x 5 x 1,5 km)
16.15 Ski jumping, team competition, trial round HS 130
17.15 Ski Jumping, team competition, HS 130

Fireworks follow the prize giving ceremony

Anssi Koivuranta

SUNDAY 02.3.2014

10.45 Cross-Country, men, 15 km (C)
13.35 Cross-Country, ladies 10 km (C)
14.00 Ski Jumping, trial round HS 130
15.00 Ski Jumping HS 130

My tip: if you are coming only one day, come on Saturday and don't miss the fireworks after the ski jumping team event!

Website of the event

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