Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kotiteollisuus - the popular heavy metal rebels

The band was created in 1991 in Lappeenranta (Eastern Finland) and was named "Hullu Ukko ja Kotiteollisuus" but was shorten in 1997. The music style could be descibe as furious heavy metal with a touch of Finnish morosity. The band is very popular in Finland with trash but actual lyrics and provocative attitude on stage. Their main topics are Finland, religion and humanity in general. They recived a couple of platine and gold discs as well as two Emma awards for the best metal album in 2003 (Helvetistä itään) and in 2005 for the best DVD (Kotiteollisuus DVD). Until now, the band has released 14 albums.

In every shops, a special can of beer dedicated to the band is on sale
Website of Kotiteollisuus

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