Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter in Finland

Easter in Finland is less celebrated than Christmas through the Lutherians. Churches offer celebrations during the whole weekend including the Orthodoxes.

According to the tradition, bonfires are lighted a bit everywhere in the country to frighten the evil spirits, witches and trolls. In western Finland, kids are dressed as witches and go from house to house to collect candies.

But as in many Western countries, Finns celebrate spring by decorating their houses with bunnies, chicks, eggs and chocolate eggs. Families plant rye grass to symbolize the rebirth of life.Many families prepare roasted lamb as main course. The dessert is mämmi (brown paste made from rye flour flavoured with malt), pasha (sweet creamy pudding) or kulista (spicy bread).

But the "must have" arethe Fazer Mignon eggs. They are real eggs, empties and filled by hand with fine nougat chocolate.

In Finnish, happy Easter is hyvää pääsiäistä.

My tip: on Saturday March 30th at 6.30pm the Easter bonfire is lit in Seurasaari (Helsinki).

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