Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The little festival with an amazing lineup

The show is always splendorous with Toni Kakko, singer of Sonata Arctica

Kivenlahti Rock is one of the first music festivals to start the summer season. Located in the sport stadium of Leppävaara in Espoo at the border with Helsinki, it has one of the most impressive lineup of all festivals! The most famous Finnish artists are on the program: The Rasmus, Sonata Arctica, Jenni Vartiainen, J. Karjalainen, Indica, Haloo Helsinki and so on. It will be rock and metal but also hiphop with Cheek and JVG.

Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus)

Jenni Vartiainen at Radio Aalto in 2011

Music fans can exult. Within Temptation, the metal symphonic band from the Netherlands is performing last on Friday! The band is used to play in front of thousands of people in huge stadiums and halls. This time it is on the modest stage of Leppävaara. The former singer of Nightwish, Anette Olzon from Sweden is coming with her new solo album "Shine".

Within Temptation was for the first time in Finland in December 2011
Anette Olzon in Jyväskylä in 2012 when she was still with Nightwish

Cherry on the cake, the tickets are extremely affordable: 49€ for Friday, 44€ for Saturday or 69€ for 2 days.

Tip: if you don't have your ticket, just lay in the grass next to the stadium and enjoy the music!

When? Friday June 6th and Saturday 7th

Program of the festival
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