Friday, February 14, 2014

Ice meets art festival

During the whole weekend, 30 top ice sculptors from 10 different countries are competing in the zoo of Helsinki on the island of Korkeasaari. They all have the same time to create the most amazing sculpture according to the theme. Visitors are encourage to vote for their favorite piece of art. The best sculpture will get a price. Some of them are really impressive! But not only professionals can play with ice. Everybody can participation to a common piece of art: decorating an ice wall.

The parks are full of snow (well not really this year) and most of the animals are outside. Even the lions! It is quite different to visit the zoo in winter than in summer time. It is very quiet and relaxing. As there are not too many visitors, people are whispering like at church.

Cheese cake with plum jam and hot chocolate for 6.80€

If you feel cold or are hungry, you can go to the restaurant in the wooden house in the middle of the zoo. The other snack bars are unfortunately closed. It is often pack there and you will probably have to share your table with others. The food is affordable and quite good. In general the dessert of the day is a big temptation. When the night comes, the statues are illuminated by colorful led spots.

It is not a cheap event. The ticket costs 14€ and there is no discount if you arrive in the late afternoon. The last tickets are sold at 6pm. But the sculptures are of quality and are worth seeing. At least once in a lifetime. The zoo is exceptionally open until 7:30pm. Normally in winter time, it closes its doors at 4pm.

Webiste of the Korkeasaari zoo

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