Thursday, November 21, 2013

Burger King is coming to Finland!

Burger King (second largest fast-food chain in the world) is probably one of the last American "giants" that was not in Finland. Before, Finns had to travel to Stockholm to eat their burgers. In fact, if you ask Finns, visiting the Burger King restaurant was one of the reasons why going to Stockholm. Of course, the main reasons are the tax-free shop on the ferry and the great parties on board. Few days after Starbucks opened its café in the center of Helsinki, the American fast-food chain announced its return in the capital after 30 years of absence. The first restaurant will open on December 13th already on the Mannerheimintie next door to Baker's. The second restaurant will be located inside the central railway station in stead of the Eliel restaurant and open its doors in February 2014. 250 new jobs will be created and 80 are already attributed.

Updated on February 21th 2014: The second Burger King (inside the railway station) has opened its doors at 2pm that Friday.

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