Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A rhino in Lapland

During a road trip it is not unusual to find some extraordinary places, buildings or pieces of art. But when you see a rhino in Lapland, you definitively have to take a look. What is this animal doing in that far North region?

In Kemijärvi the "Migration of the Rhinoceros" by the Canadian artist Roger Gaudreau (2010) invites people to think about the global warming issues. If nothing is done, animals from the warm regions will be forced to move to colder area. But when they will reach Lapland it might be too late to reverse the phenomenon. The other aim of this project is to prepare local people to cultural changes. Altogether there are 4 permanent rhinos in the world. The others are in Taiwan, Australia and Canada.

The "Migration of the Rhinoceros" is located at a few meters from Kemijärvi's church at the crossing between Vapaudenkatu and Kirkkokatu.

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