Sunday, December 7, 2014

Magic is coming

The blue moment at the St. Thomas market in Helsinki

Streets are decorated, shops windows are beautiful, children are opening a new door on their Advent calendar everyday, happy music is played a bit everywhere: there is no doubt. Christmas is coming. During this festive period merchants and handicrafters are selling homemade delicacies and traditional handicrafts. The little wooden houses are poping in every city around the country bringing the Christmas feeling to locals and visitors.

In the country of Santa Claus, everything is done to create an enchanting atmosphere. Christmas markets are the perfect place to meet artists and purchase high quaity gifts for relatives and friends but also for your home. In Finland, one of the most popular gift is socks. As a result many old ladies are proud to sell the numerous wool socks, hats, gloves and jackets they made during the past months.

Amazing jewellery made of silver and leather inspired by Finnish nature

After a long walk between the little house in the cold, you might like to get a hot cup of glögi, the local Finnish Christmas drink. It is made of berries (usually cranberries) and spices. Some people like to add a drop of vodka.

Feeling cold? Try a hot cup of glögi with gingerbreads or a Christmas star

Treat the sauna elf with respect otherwise it will cause trouble in your home!

Handmade traditional Christmas decorations

Indoor Christmas market in the Old University building in Helsinki

List of Christmas market 2014

Nov 15 - Dec 23 Old Station Depot (Porvoo)
Nov 22 - Dec 14 Old Great Square (Turku - only during weekends)
Dec 5-22 Central Square (Tampere)
Dec 8-21 Senate Square (Helsinki)
Dec 12-21 Cable Factory (Helsinki)
Dec 13-14 Volunteer Fire Department (Porvoo)

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