Thursday, June 6, 2013

Marimekko, Finnish design brand

Cups and bowls with the "Unikko" design

Marimekko is a design Finnish brand that was established in 1951 by Viljo and Armi Ratia. Marimekko is famous in Finland but also abroad for its simple and bright color clothes, bags, fabrics and home furnishing. Almost all the Finnish homes have some Marimekko items. Finnish people are very proud and faithful to the brand since the 60s when it became famous with its "Unikko" design. Every spring, Marimekko present its summer fashion show a couple of times during the day on the Espland in Helsinki.

Fashion for summer 2013. Dress costs 299€

Marimekko has over 80 stores in the world and 161 in Finland. Not only Finns are buying items for Mother's Day, a birthday or wedding present or simply for themselves, but many tourists as well who like to bring back a souvenir typically Finnish. In Helsinki, there is also a Marimekko café where you can enjoy a tasty coffee while reading a fashion magazine.

Fabrics (~35€/m)

My tip: as Marimekko is a design brand, prices are relatively high. If you don't want to buy the latest fashion, take the subway from Helsinki city center and visit the outlet shop in Herttoniemi. You'll find a bit of everything with discounts from 10 to 75%. Here is the address:
There are other outlet shops in Finland (Kotka, Humppila, Kyyjärvi, Rovaniemi (in the Santa Claus village), Kitee, Sulkava and Virrat).

Website of Marimekko

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